Take the role of a Sheriff in the Western remote village.

you have already accepted the challenge, of the Boss of the criminals. Now you have to prove yourself by defeating 10 pals of the Boss, and then finally defeating him.

Get ready to take the Adventure in the Fast Paced, Beat-Em-Up, Western style Game.

Controls:- 'Arrow keys' to move your buddy

'X' to see the current status of the village and your next target.

'Space' to warn the criminals for the fight and in the fight screen press 'Space' repeatedly to shoot the criminals and dominate them.

'Esc' to bring back the main menu.


Game Art - @PhoenixBoltS

Coding - @PhoenixBoltS

Music - PlayOnLoop.com


Have Anything to Ask ?, Feel Free to Contact us,

E-mail - PhoenixBoltStudios@gmail.com

Twitter - twitter.com/PhoenixBoltS

Install instructions

Simply, download and run the game to play.


The Sheriff(Win).exe 2 MB


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Good game! I loved it but duels could be better. Keep working :3